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Health & Safety Tips for Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is the largest city in southern Africa and provincial capital of Gauteng. Below are some of the critical health advices and safety tips that you should consider on your trip to Johannesburg.

Health Issues

Vaccinations - Yellow Fever, Malaria
Johannesburg and South Africa is not listed as the countries that have Yellow Fever. Malaria and Yellow Fever is under control in South Africa. It is not necessary to have special vaccination prior to enter Johannesburg, South Africa unless you arrive from the regions that have "Yellow Fever".

It is advised to have tablets to prevent malaria for the travelers who are willing to visit the regions around Kruger National Park and nearby, the Zululand in Natal and some neighboring countries of South Africa. Taking the medicine a couple of days before you enter the regions and using it a couple of week after leaving the regions is highly recommended.

There are also syrups for the kids as well. Using lotions or devices to prevent mosquitoes that may have malaria is another precaution.

Other Issues
It is advised to be careful with the rivers and lakes. Drinking unhygienic waters or having a bare contact is not recommended.

As for the snakes; it is known that the 140 species of snakes in South Africa are harmless or less harmful. But even there may be a case, there are good precautions and antidotes in South Africa for sure.

During summer times, it is highly recommended to use sun lotions with at least sun protection factor 15.

In many hotels, there are lists of the doctors to apply in case of emergency. Also to find a doctor you may use the telephone directories and search for "Mediese Praktisyns" or "Medical Practitioners".

There are variety of hospitals in Johannesburg and South Africa with good service.

Johannesburg General Hospital 011 488 4911
Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital 011 933 8000
Helen Joseph Hospital 011 489 1011
Southrand Hospital 011 435 0022
Sandton Hospital 011 709 2000
Coronation Hospital 011 470 9000
Edenvale Hospital 011 882 2400

There are enough pharmacies in every big city and region. The pharmacies mostly remain open late after the working hours.

Safety Issues

General Security & Safety Issues
Like in the other big metropolitan cities, there may also be some safety issues in Johannesburg as well. You may see lots of security officials and officers at many restaurants, shops, car parking areas etc.

Putting your valuable belongings in the safe at your hotel or into the baggage of your car and locking the doors of your vehicle is highly recommended.

You may see some gold items or other very expensive goods for sale in the streets by vendors. Note that they may be fakes or stolen property.

It is advised not to walk alone and with shining jewelleries in the late nights. Also participating to pavement games is not recommended as your money may be stolen.

Remain your car's doors locked and do not pick up hitch-hikers. Also as there is a good public transportation, there is no need for the travelers to hitch-hike.

The National Police in Johannesburg wear blue uniform and are armed. They are with their white and blue patrol vehicles. Traffic police wear dark green uniform.

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