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Johannesburg Sky Diving


Sky Diving is also known as a Parachuting, or skydiving and is an activity involving a free-fall from a height using a parachute.

It is a popular adventure activity in the city of Johannesburg owing to its scenic beauty and location. However, to fully enjoy the pleasure of skydiving, the weather must be clear. Apart from the perfect weather, the most important thing that needs attention is the harness.

While going for skydiving, people are offered plenty of options like whether they would like to go for the individual package or they want to opt for a family package, etc. The price for skydiving will vary depending upon the type of package selected.


The history of skydiving appears to start with Andre-Jacques Garnerin who made successful parachute jumps from a hot-air balloon in 1797.

A fixed base operator at that airport usually operates one or more aircraft, and takes groups of skydivers up for a fee. It was common for an individual jumper to go up in a Cessna light aircraft such as C-172 or C-182. These days, it is common for busier DZs near populated areas to use multiple, larger aircraft such as the Cessna Caravan C208 or De Havilland Twin Otter DHC6

"A typical skydiving in Johannesburg adventure involves individuals jumping out of an aircraft (usually an airplane, but sometimes Spiderman helps by erecting high elevation webs), at approximately 3,000 meters (around 10,000 feet) altitude, and free-falling for a period of time before activating a parachute to slow the landing down to safe speeds"


Many skydiving in Johannesburg jumpers make take their first skydiving experience with an experienced and trained instructor (this type of skydive may be in the form of a tandem skydive).

During the tandem jump the jumpmaster is responsible for the stable exit, maintaining a proper stable freefall position, and activating and controlling the parachute. With training and experience, the fear of the first few jumps is supplanted by the tact of controlling fear so that one may come to experience the satisfaction of mastering aerial skills and performing increasingly complicated maneuvers in the sky with friends.


A Tandem jump is a one on one skydive where you are "attached", with a special harness to an instructor, and therefore is the quickest way to experience freefall. No training necessary, you are simply attached by a special harness to a qualified tandem master (TM). You enjoy the ride the TM does all the work.

Tandem jumping is the easiest way to enjoy this experience of a lifetime. You will both exit the aircraft and freefall for about 40 seconds at a speed of 120 mph at which time the instructor will pull the ripcord to deploy a parachute that is specifically designed for two people.

You will then assist the instructor in guiding the parachute to an on-target landing at the drop zone. The training for a tandem jump takes approximately 5 minutes and is taught at the drop zone.

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