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Transportation in Johannesburg, Gauteng

The public transport infrastructure of Johannesburg is well built. The main bus terminal is located at the Ghandi Square in the city centre that include timetables and route maps while the Rea Vaya has stations dotted all over the CBD and surrounds for you to hop on and off.

In addition, the newly developed Gautrain is still under construction that you need to check which lines are open before planning your trip.

Gautrain; ; Phone: +27 (0)11 497 3163
Metrobus; ; Phone: +27 (0)11 403 4300
Rea Vaya; ; Phone: +27 (0)11 375 5555

Public Transportation
Public transport in Johannesburg is certainly not one of the better transport systems. Most of it is geared to serve the workers in the city. The other residents usually use private vehicles. This is an impediment to tourists. Getting from the airport to the hotel is convenient as most hotels have their own shuttle services. If you have acquaintances who can help you with transportation, grab the opportunity. But this doesn't mean that you will be stranded in the city.

The most attractions and city malls situated in a long distances from each other, so it is not recommended to walk around the city. Also for safety issues walking may not be a good option for the travelers.

Johannesburg Car Hire - Car Rental
As public transportation in South Africa is not as well established as for the foreign visitors, car rental in Johannesburg is the best and popular option for the transportation in Johannesburg. It can be said that whole city's transportation based on private transport. 4x4 Campers are also very popular. Due to high demand on private transport, there are a lot of quality Johannesburg car hire companies. Renting a car or 4x4 Campers is highly recommended on your Johannesburg trip. To hire a car in South Africa, drivers must have an international drivers license and a minimum 5 years of driving experience. Note that South Africa drives on the left.

Metered Taxis
Taxis are another good option for the travelers for getting around Johannesburg. But keep in mind that you will not be able to hail taxis on the street. You need to call a taxis to your exact location for picking you up. Most hotels arrange the taxi service for you. Taxi prices may be expensive so you should agree on the price before your trip and also check the trip meter works.

Minibus Taxis
Minibus taxis are option for cheap transportation in Johannesburg. You are able to go anywhere around Johannesburg and Gauteng via minibus taxi services.

There are more than 100 bus routes around Johannesburg from the CBD through the suburbs. Buses are the cheapest way to get to many destinations within South Africa. The road infrastructure of Johannesburg and South Africa is very well built and the luxury bus liners are very comfortable. Car hire in Johannesburg is another nice option to travel around the cities.

The Intercity Busses
Lanseria Airport +27 (0)11 367 0300
City to City +27 (0)86 158 9282
Greyhound +27 (0)11 276 8500
Intercape +27 (0)86 128 7287
SA Roadlink +27 (0)11 333 2223
Translux +27 (0)11 774 3333

Airport Transportation
There are regular shuttle bus services
(Magic Bus Airport Transfers (Phone: +27 (011) 548 0822;; taxis and train (high speed train from Sandton) services for transportation to and from Johannesburg Airport. Using official ACSA approved companies highly recommended for airport to city taxi, shuttle and bus services.

Rail is also another excellent way to see the country. The Blue Train or Rovos Rail offer first class journey to its visitors. They are one of the world’s most luxurious trains. Premier Classe and Shosholoza Meyl are more cost effective railways.

Rovos Rail +27 (0)12 315 8242
Blue Train +27 (0)12 315 4000
Premier Classe +27 (0)11 773 7483
Shosholoza Meyl +27 (0)11 774 4555
Taxis & Transfers
Airport Link +27 (0)11 794 8300
Kitima Shuttle +27 (0)11 880 3885
Cabs For Women +27 (0)861 777 778
Corporate Cabs +27 (0)800 800 800
Bradcorp Taxi Cabs   +27 (0)82 734 3638
Driver Vasco   +27 (0)11 774 3333
Roses Taxis +27 (0)83 255 0933
Bosh and Sons Cabs   +27 (0)82 646 1201
Mr Shuttle +27 (0)82 800 5788
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